Continued development and plans

The current plans for development of the game is to:

Improve the game world

Continue the world design, add some more elements and make a somewhat "complete" world. (Which ofcourse will be altered later). If you'd like to come with some tips and additions you'd like to see in the game then add a comment with some ideas! I promise I'll look into all the comments and tips I get. (Tips can also be sent to

Inventory and items!

What's a survival game without inventory and items? To make sure that the development of this game is carried out without too many headaches, I have decided to write the "fundaments" of the game first. Therefore an item-system will be the first thing I'll develop. The user inventory will also be developed, but the graphical part will be completed later when I have selected a permanent solution for handling GUI-content.

Development stream?

I have decided that I want to develop this game with input from the audience and allow you to watch the game grow as time passes by. I'll add a link and button to the Twitch-stream, which probably will be embedded into this site at a later point.

Sometimes I'll announce the times of the dev-streams before the actual development starts.. sometimes I might just start streaming randomly! Be sure to subscribe.



- Erl3nd

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Spennende! :D

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